Whale FM

A project to organise recordings of Orca and Pilot Whale calls. Volunteers were asked to match sounds to the most-similar call from a range of other recordings. Data provided by WHOI.

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About this Project

The Zooniverse makes citizen science websites that let everyone be part of real research online. In 2011 they partnered with Scientific American to build the whale song project Whale FM.

The project was archived in March 2015.

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Similar Projects

Whale FM is one of only two Zooniverse projects dealing with audio files, the other is Bat Detective.

It is one of several projects concerning animals and the natural world.

Data Description

The data from Whale FM is stored as both short MP3 audio files, and JPG spectrograms. Each call has a whale ID, duration, unique identifier, and other details.

The classifications show matches of pairs of calls by individual users.

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